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First, it's about YOU. 

Your wedding is special and your story is unique. You know you want images that are more than basic and you deserve a photographer who wants to bring your vision to life! 

I feel that knowing who's important to you, what's important to you, and having that open communication is key to being able to deliver you a wedding gallery that 'speaks' to you!

It's having the peace of mind in knowing you have booked someone who's got you covered. For everything.

Xoxo, Summer

Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer

Authentic, Emotive & Refined



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Wicked Petunia Bride

her significant other & family mean the world

She loves her family. Her sister (or brother) is her biggest fan. She shares a love for life and when she laughs, her honey smiles because they know each other, in & out.

she loves the small things in life

She's a modern day woman with an appreciation for smaller touches. Details make the difference.

she has a furbaby and spoils him/her rotten!

She posts just as many pics of her furbaby as she does of her and her other half! Well, maybe the furbaby has more pics posted...

...Weddings start at $5000 but don't be afraid to reach out if you have your heart set on working together...

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