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You said 'yes!'  ... Now comes the fun want to find the right person for the role! Forget those cheesy poses and table shots that your parents enjoyed, you know you want someone who will capture your father's reaction as he sees you for the first time, someone who will take beautiful wedding pictures of your shoes, your rings and dress! You want a photographer who's gonna get down on the dance floor capturing your college buds as they happily celebrate your wedding after tossing back several shots! 

Having the right photographer can make the difference between having a wedding collection that will collect dust and one that you will always look back upon with fond memories! From the moment you start to get ready, to swapping vows, to those intimate portraits between you and your honey, having someone there you trust to capture it all, and done so in a way that is classic, timeless, and elegant is so very important.

Your engagement is built into your wedding package and is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate this momentous ocassion with a separate session that we set up together. Whether you and your loved one are adventurous, have a story to tell or a spot that means a lot, the engagement is a unique experience that many couples enjoy! Let's admit a couple of things - you've dreamt of this moment in your life and have already envisioned ideas about how you want your wedding to look! It's a BIG DEAL and your wedding, from the moment he 'pops' the question, to the time when you finally say 'I do,' is a special and unique journey for each couple! I believe that the engagement session is an important piece in every couple's wedding. It gives you an opportunity to take beautiful images with your loved one in a relaxed setting. It also gives me, your photographer, the chance to get to know you, find poses and explore ideas to help you look your best and prepare for your big day! 

The Wedding Experience

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Your Engagement Experience

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Your wedding day is a treasure trove of special memories and capturing everything, from the decor you painstakingly planned, to the small nuances and emotions that will make you smile should all be captured for you to to relive and enjoy. Every wedding is different and each collection should reflect that. Feel free to contact me to see an entire wedding collection that might mimic the way you are planning your wedding day! Each wedding collection is custom tailored to meet your needs and capture the moments and details that matter most to you. Whether you want a more formal approach that includes posed and traditional portraits of friends and family members, to a journalistic style that lets everything happen on its own, my goal is to shoot your wedding day in a way tat is both beautiful and elegant. 

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