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New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer

Couples who choose to work with me value photography.

Whether it's a small beachside wedding, or a formal affair at a glitzy venue, I believe in working with each couple to deliver a wedding collection that embodies all the details and moments that you worked so hard to plan and hope to see.

the investment

ConTact Me!

Uh oh, here comes the scary part! The costs!

Relax! I got you AND I get you! I was married almost 12 years' ago but recognize that wedding prices have since sky rocketed!

Which is why I have developed packages that offer a wide selection of price points to work within your budget! I know that every couple has different budgets in mind when they are searching for their wedding photographer, but want you to remember that what I offer is more than just those pictures! I want to help recreate your day and tell a story from start to finish.

And when you're sitting on your couch, looking back at those memories, you will thank yourself that you invested in someone who took the time to help to get it all. 

Not sure if I'm out of your budget? I still encourage you to reach out to me! I'm known to make some magic happen to make your wedding photography dreams come true! But you won't know unless you say 'hi!'



Wedding Packages start at 6 hours and go up to 10 hours but can be customized further based on your needs!

Other addon's include: 
-extra hours
-second photographer
-engagement session
-prints & canvases

Portrait Sessions are a wonderful way to freshen up your walls and allows us a fun chance to get creative! Regardless of what you're looking for, each session is developed with you to give you exactly what you want!

Prices Start at $2500

Prices Start at $300

Like what you're reading? Then reach out and say 'hello!'

The Investments