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Welcome Fellow

You have a dream.
Maybe, you want to make enough money to splurge on that dream vacation.
Maybe you're hoping to take your hustle and make it a fulltime gig.
Maybe you're new and not sure what to do and how to get started.
Either way, you've got ideas, passion, and a desire to take things to the next level for 2020!
And I want to be the person to help!

Accomplish those goals you've
set out to do!

Welcome Fellow


Let's Talk
Let's Grow

Let's Talk.
Let's Grow.

6 Week Program:

the short & sweet version of things intended to provide you with the focus you need for gaining momentum with your business.

- (6) One Hour Sessions Via Video Chat
Topics to Include:
Your Ideal Client
Branding Basics
Pricing for Profitability
Using Online to Market
Brief Website Review
Develop a 6 Month Business Plan

12 Week Program:

the thorough version to fully evaluate your
business, rework your approach, and a
comprehensive side to business to help provide
you with short term momentum and
long term rewards

- (12) One Hour Sessions Via Video Chat
Topics to Include:
Your Ideal Client
Branding Basics
The Importance of Copy
SEO Bootcamp
Pricing for Profitability
Selling to Your Market
Using Online to Market
Understanding IG/FB
Develop Campaigns
Website Review
Develop a 12 Month Business Plan

Valued at $3600

I could lie to you and pretend that I have 10 years' worth of shooting and business experience.
But I don't.
Three years ago, I was a struggling 'creative' and wanted nothing more than to grow and make my love of photography into a fulltime job. 

Read that again.

Three years ago. I told myself  that I was going to take my part time photography business and turn it
into a fulltime love. 
And in under two years, I grew. I learned.

I now have a thriving business. In less than three years.

See, I love business. I love talking and brainstorming with other creatives.
I'm a nerd and enjoy discussing SEO,
marketing, branding, and all things business related.
And I enjoy talking with other new creatives and helping them by providing them with business insight. So I need you. I want to educate other creatives and show them how to make things happen. And I need people who are ready to learn, to grow, and see real things happen for their business.  

Valued at 1800

Let's Talk.
Let's Grow.

Then Let's Get You Started!

This unique opportunity to start our journey together comes with some serious perks! You have the option of choosing from either two Mentoring Options!

You can choose to invest in a six week program that's designed to help give your business momentum and business basics 

- OR -

choose the 12 week program that really encompasses the entire business side of things and will cover a lot  of various topics with time to get feedback and tweak as we
work together! 

Let's Get This Party Started!

Welcome Fellow


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