Let's Get to know each other!


New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer

My job rocks!

There, I said it! I know I should be more humble about it, but the truth is, I never get tired of shooting a wedding, and I never get tired of all the goodness that comes with each one!

You think you're excited about your wedding? You have no idea because I've probably got you beat! I love hearing from you- your ideas, your hopes, you plans- and then making them a reality! My job is to make your wedding photography look as special and memorable as your wedding will be in your mind, and the possibilities are endless!

I've been known to dance as I shoot your reception.  I cry when you cry and bring tissues. I love hugging moms and grandmothers, and never turn down a celebratory shot from dad! 

If you're hoping to find a wedding photographer who's the right blend of professional and fun,  drop me a line and let's connect!



I'm a huge believer in people.
I love getting to know every couple; what makes them happy, sad, laugh, and cry. That focus helps me to give my couples beautiful wedding collections that reflect them and their values.

Want to Know Just a Lil' MOre?!


Random Facts

I love all things Harry Potter, drink way too much coffee (Dunkin Donuts thank you!), work out when time permits, and kinda obsessed with the newest season of Stranger Things. 


Kamryn & Deegan

My two children are the light of my life and you will hear stories of the shenanigans they get themselves into. Just saying.


All ABout My Fam!

I'm happily married and have been for over 12 years!

My husband Jamie has been my biggest supporter and continues to let me live my dream of being a wedding photographer!


Sci-Fi Geek at heart

I love all things sci fi and have read the Harry Potter series four times through! 

Other sci fi loves includes Star Trek, YA dystopian movies (yeah, I like Twilight), and all things part of the MRU. That includes Chris Evans. 



I run on Dunkin' and will work for cake!

Your cake that is!


Dem' Weddings!

I seriously live for this sh*t!

Nothing gets me more pumped than your wedding day! Don't be surprised if I dance at your reception, hug both your moms, and do whatever it takes to get that picture!

let's get to know each other!


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